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Medic Assist International Medic Assist International

Medic Assist International

Registered Charity Number: No.1104760

Getting sick when you’re already poor can be the last straw. With no money for healthcare, many people end up ill, isolated – and close to giving up. But life-changing medical care, health advice and compassionate support from MAI-funded teams are bringing people back from the brink.

Crucial care like this saves lives.But it can’t happen without consistent support. Your gift could help give poor people health and hope in the hardest times.

Our current projects are in Embo, KwaZulu Natal (Primary Health Centre and home based care); Romogi, Kajo Keji,South Sudan ( Primary Health Care Centre); Yei,South Sudan (Martha Primary Health Care Centre cataract surgery camps); Chinchpada,India (Chinchpada Christian Hospital Community Palliative Care and building an isolation unit and ward extension);Rupandai Nepal (HIV prevention, treatment and care)

MAI partners are local leaders of vision, faith and integrity that are passionate about providing access to excellent healthcare for their communities. 

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