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Sons & Friends of the Clergy Sons & Friends of the Clergy

Sons & Friends of the Clergy

Registered Charity Number: No.207736

Sons & Friends of the Clergy is an Anglican clergy support charity, established in 1655 and governed by a Royal Charter from King Charles II. Our purpose is to promote, sustain and renew the wellbeing of Anglican clergy, whether serving or retired, and their dependants, so that they can flourish and be fruitful as they seek to serve God’s people and their wider communities. Our main way of doing this at present is to provide one-off grants to eligible clergy households in the UK for whom the stipend, pension or other sources of income are, in particular situations, inadequate.  

In 2017 we disbursed grants totalling almost £2.7m to Anglican clergy in need. Most of this sum (£1.6m) went to serving clergy, while significant amounts were also given in grants to retired clergy, the divorced and separated spouses of clergy and clergy widows and widowers. We also gave small financial gifts of £350 a year to over 500 Anglican ordinands in the UK.