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Aberfeldy Parish Church of Scotland Aberfeldy Parish Church of Scotland

Aberfeldy Parish Church of Scotland

Registered Charity Number: No.SC007899

At Aberfeldy Parish Church of Scotland (APC) we depend upon the generosity of our congregations to maintain our buildings, to contribute to the CoS Ministry and Mission, which pays for ministry here and across Scotland, and to serve the needs of our local and wider communities. APC has a Debt Management Centre for Christians Against Poverty, helping those facing financial challenges to manage their way out of debt. Our youth initiative, the Breathe Project, supports and works alongside literally hundreds of young people in our area - supporting them in whatever challenges they face and walking alongside them in life's biggest questions. Our official charity, The Living Stones Ministry, is equipping schools for the children of christian families in Pakistan.

In order to continue with our vital christian based initiatives, we are appealing for your financial support and prayers - particularly for as long as Covid restrictions endure.

Thank you