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Evangelism, UK & Africa - Alex Bowler Evangelism, UK & Africa - Alex Bowler

Evangelism, UK & Africa - Alex Bowler

Alex Bowler Evangelism - the ministry of evangelist Alex Bowler ( Alex has preached the gospel in Europe, Africa and North America. Whether Alex and his team are sharing the gospel of Christ through personal evangelism, on the streets in towns and cities in open-air outreach, in a gospel tent, in large-scale missions in a stadium or park, on TV or on the radio, the aim remains the same - to tell as many people as possible the best news in the world! "Dynamic...committed...effective...Alex Bowler is all of these. Never missing an opportunity, he brings the gospel 'up front', making it challenging and demanding a response. My own credentials are as the Director of Billy Graham's work in the UK for 45 years. From my experience I commend Alex Bowler as both an evangelist and preacher. " Maurice L. Rowlandson Associate: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association "I would like to thank you all for your gifts to help me in my evangelistic ministry." Alex Bowler